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Thursday, January 12, 2012

99% Sure...its a GIRL

Three Ladies and a Nurse


Landon and Dana said...

i cant leave comments on your other blog, don't know why. So eat 4 cookies and i am not pregnant, but thats probably why i still look pregnant. oh well. and don't worry about having a boy someday. i feel opposite. i love my little guys and the mommy/son connection. it's the best. no matter how much they love daddy and are their little buddy, they always need mommy at the end of the day. i felt sad that Daxton was going to miss mom time when Bodie was born, but you forget how much babies sleep so addie will get lots of snuggles still. i remember crying a lot about daxton not feeling special anymore, but truth be told i think he feels even more special now that he gets to be the big brother. anyway, should have just called you instead of write a huge story. love you bye